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10 Types of Empaths

10 Types of Empaths

New for April! Save $80 on a live Empathic vibrational reading. 20 minute live readings – 100% money back guarantee. . Spirit mediums, dream interpretation and healing/empathic energy readings included. Which empathic ability is ...

The Best Careers For Light Workers?

What is the best career option for light workers?  My friends all tell me I’m the best natural healer that they know.  I’m empathic, intuitive and really connected to spiritual things, and yet, i have very little interest in a ...

Will He Be Faithful? 3 Questions Every Woman Ought to Ask

How can I trust my man to be faithful?  What if he has a history of cheating, flirting or being with other women……even though he insists that he’s not? We get a lot of questions about men who cheat, and the ...

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